rapporten en documenten

Hieronder in chronologische volgorde rapporten en documenten die de onderbouwing vormen van de teksten in de achtergronddossiers.

The attacks on Palestinian digital rights. ( 7amleh, februari 2022)
Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians. (Amnesty International.org, februari 2022)
Monitoring the Treatment of Children held in Israeli Military Detention. Solitary Confinement. (Military Court Watch, december 2021)
Israels misappropriation of land in the West Bank through settler violence. (B’Tselem, oktober 2021)
Monitoring Report: the Attempt to chill Palestinian Rights Advocacy in the Netherlands. (ELSC, oktober 2021)
The Reality of Privacy and Digital Data Protection in Palestine. (7amleh, augustus 2021)
Escalation in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Israel. Situation Report no 1. (Reliefweb.int , 20 mei 2021)
A Threshold Crossed Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution – Human Rights Watch (april 2021)
This is ours – and this too. Israel’s settlement policy in the West Bank. ( B’Tselem, maart 2021)
Covid-19 emergency laws are suffocating the Palestinians (MEMO, maart 2021)
European Complicity With Israel’s Violations of Human Rights: THE CASE OF G4S – EUROPEAN COORDINATION OF COMMITEES AND ASSOCIATIONS FOR PALESTINE ( februari 2021)
Workers Rights in Crisis – Palestinian workers in Israel and the settlements – ITUC ( februari 2021)
A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid – B’Tselem (januari 2021)
Children and Armed Conflict – Al Mezan.org (januari 2021)
Deprived a Voice: an Investigation into Shrinking Space in Area C – Al Haq (december 2020)
Raided and Razed, education on the West Bank  – Norwegian Refugee Council (november 2020)
Israel & de bom – Nederlands Palestina Komitee (november 2020)
Digital Safety among Jerusalemite Children and Youth – 7amleh (september 2020)
Fake News in Palestine – 7amleh (8 september 2020)
The Denied Inheritance: Palestinian Land Ownership in Beer Sheba –  Salman Abu Sitta (september 2020)
Torture Positions in Israeli Occupation Prisons – Addameer (september 2020)
COVID-19 and Border Politics – TNI Transnational Institute (juli 2020)
Technologie en onderdrukking, samenwerking tussen Nederland en Israël in wapenhandel en veiligheidsonderzoek – Stop Wapenhandel (juli 2020)
De Apartheidskaart van het Trump-Plan – Nederlands Palestina Komitee ( juni 2020)
This is Jerusalem: Violence and Dispossession in al-‘Esawiyah – B’Tselem (mei 2020)
European Legal Support Center-2019 annual report – ELSC (mei 2020)
‘Wat je Palestijn houdt, is het onrecht’, leven en werk van Mahmoud Salim Rabbani B.R. Wijmer, RU Groningen ( april 2020)
In the Pipeline: Israeli Bypass Water Project in the Jordan Valley – Who Profits ( februari 2020)
Access denied, E-Commerce in Palestine  – 7amleh (februari 2020)
Violations set in stone, HeidelbergCement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – Al Haq & SOMO (februari 2020)
UN list of companies that are complicit in Israel’s illegal settlement Enterprise – UN (februari 2020)
Agribusiness as Usual. Agricultural Technology and the Israeli Occupation. ( Who Profits, januari 2020)
Maps, Technology, and Decolonial Spatial Practices in PalestineAl Shabaka (januari 2020)
Al-Haq submission to the committee on The rights of the child on the first periodic review of the State of PalestineAl Haq (januari 2020)
EU and Israel the case of complicity – ECCP (december 2019)
Adalah Position Paper Refugee Displacement Camps – Adalah (december 2019)
How does she cope? Women pushed to new limits in the Gaza Strip – UNRWA (oktober 2019)
Profiting through dispossession:another side of Airbnb’s complicity – Who Profits (oktober 2019)
Silenced Networks, The Chilling Effect among Palestinian Youth in Social Media – 7amleh (oktober 2019)
Annual Violations Report 2018 – Addameer (september 2019)
Playing the Security Card, Israeli Policy in Hebron as a Means to Effect Forcible
Transfer of Local Palestinians – B’Tselem (september 2019)
Occupying Jerusalem’s Old City: Israeli Policies of Isolation, Intimidation, and Transformation – Al Haq (september 2019)
Elected but restricted. Shrinking space for Palestinian Paliamentarians in Israel’s Knesset – Amnesty International (september 2019)
Industrial zones in the Occupied Territories – Who Profits (juli 2019)
The Jewish Nation State Law – Hassan Jabareen & Suhad Bishara (Adalah) (2019)
Climate change, the Occupation, end a vulnerable Palestine – Al Shabaka (maart 2019)
Can companies do business with Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories while respecting human rights? – Amnesty International (maart 2019)
Greenwashing the Golan:The Israeli Wind Energy Industry in the Occupied Syrian Golan – Who Profits (maart 2019)
Dangerous conflation: Zionism, Israel and anti-semitism – Institute for Palestine Studies (maart 2019)
Report of the independent international commission of inquiry on the protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – HRC (25 februari 2019)
The Right to National Self-Determination and Israel/Palestine – Ran Greenstein in Social Justice and Israel/Palestine: Foundational and contemporary debates, edited by Aaron Tapper and Mira Sucharov (University of Toronto Press, 2019)
Report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – Human Rights Council (februari 2019)
Fake Justice, The Responsibility Israel’s High Court Justices Bear for the Demolition of Palestinian Homes and the Dispossession of Palestinians – B’Tselem (februari 2019)
Destination Occupation – digital tourism and Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Amnesty International (januari 2019)
Report on unlawful killing and use of excessive force by Israeli forces against Palestinian children – DCIP and others (januari 2019)
Connection interrupted: Israels control of the Palestinian ICT infrastructure and its impact on digital rights – 7amleh (december 2018)
Palestine & PayPal – 7amleh (december 2018)
Wie wind zaait, zal storm oogsten: bezetting en de staat Israël – Clingendael (december 2018)
In deep water: more walls to strangle Gaza – Who Profits (december 2018)
A violent network: genderbased violence against Palestinian women in virtual space – 7amleh (november 2018)
Palestine School Report: Education under Military Occupation – CPT (november 2018)
Settling area C: the Jordan Valley exposed – Al-Haq (2018)
Unpacking gender in coercive environments: the case of the Jordan Valley – Al-Haq (2018)
Administrative Detention: A Legal & Lethal Tool of Israeli Repression – Middle East Monitor (november 2018)
Israel’s Militarized Visual Surveillance System in Occupied East Jerusalem – Who Profits (november 2018)
Shrinking Space & the BDS Movement – TNI (oktober 2018)
Signal Strength: Occupied The Telecommunications Sector and the Israeli Occupation – Who Profits Research Center (juli 2018)
Facebook and Palestinians: biased or neutral? – 7Amleh (oktober 2018)
World Bank Gaza Report -The World Bank (september 2018)
The ongoing UNRWA crisis: context, dimensions, prospects and responses – Badil (augustus 2018)
UNRWA’s social assistance & poverty reduction approaches, the case of Gazan refugees in Jordan The Palestinian Return Centre (2018)
Ending European complicity in Israel’s violations of Palestinian workers’ rights – ETUN – (mei 2018)
Palestinian Organisations Statement on UN Database – (januari 2018)
Mapping of Digital Rights Violations and Threats – 7amleh (januari 2018)
Violations of Palestinian Prisoners’ Rights in Israeli Prisons 2017 – Addameer (2018)
Israeli Demolitions and Confiscations of Solar Panel Aid Projects in Area C of the West Bank – Al Haq (2017)
Human Rights Defenders under Threat – Amnesty International (2017)
Governing the Gatherings – Nora Stel (2017)
Palestinians of Syria, Life under restrictions – Action Group, Palestinian Return Centre (2017)
Occupation and Sovereignty: Renewing EU Policy in IsraelPalestine – ECFR ( 2017)
Death 2007- 2017 – B’Tselem (2017)
Gaza – Unwilling or Unable – Israeli Restrictions on Access to and from Gaza
– Human Rights Watch (2017)
Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories 2016-2017 – Amnesty International
Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid – ESCWA (2017)
Administrative Detention: A Legal & Lethal Tool of Israeli Repression – Middle East Monitor (november 2017)
Touring Israeli settlements: business and pleasure for the economy of the occupation – Who Wprofits (september 2017)
‘There is no Palestine’ – Israeli incitement, rejectionism & anti-Palestinian racism – Middle East Monitor (september 2017)
Jerusalem Palestinians Stripped of Status – Human Rights Watch (augustus 2017)
Palestinian Citizens of Israel – Adalah (juli 2017)
Timeline – Israel’s anti-Palestinian laws since 1948 – Middle East Monitor (mei 2017)
EU-Israel Trade Briefing – EU (mei 2017)
West Bank and Gaza – World Bank (mei 2017)
Financing Land Grab The Direct Involvement of Israeli Banks in the Israeli Settlement Enterprise – Who Profits (februari 2017)
Greenwashing the Occupation: The Solar Energy Industry and the Israeli Occupation – Who Profits ( februari 2017)
Greenwashing the Naqab The Israeli Industry of Solar Energy – Who Profits (februari 2017)
Religious Freedom in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory – Palestine Works (2016)
The Israel Lobby and the European Union – David Cronin a.o. (2016)
American attitudes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Brookings (2016)
EU Differentiation and the Push for Peace in Israel-Palestine – ECFR (oktober 2016)
The Palestine Exception to Freedom of Speech – Palestine Legal (september 2016)
Enforcing Distress: House Demolition Policy in the Bedouin Community in the Negev – Negev Coexistence Forum (juni 2016)
Collapsing Prospects, Palestijnen in Area C, Westelijke Jordaanoever – Nederlandse multidisciplinaire expert team (juni 2016)
Gaza – No Safe Place – Crimes against and War Crimes – BADIL (februari 2016)
UNRWA Figures (januari 2016)
Private Security Companies and the Israeli Occupation – Who Profits ( januari 2016)
Occupation, Inc. – Human Rights Watch (januari 2016)
Palestininians and Jordanian citizenship – Middle East Monitor ( december 2015)
Survey on the socioeconomic status of Palestine refugees in Lebanon – UNRWA ( 2015)
Demolition orders in Area C of the Westbank – OCHA (2015)
Identifying IDPs in Palestine – IDMC (2015)
Gaza – Trapped and Punished – FIDH (2015)
This is How We Fought in Gaza – Breaking the Silence (2015)
Survey of Palestinian Refugees and IDPs (2013-2015) – BADIL
Origin of Goods from the Territories – EU (november 2015)
Apartheid & Cultural Boycott: Then and Now – Middle East Monitor ( september 2015)Report on UNCTAD assistance to the Palestinian people (september 2015)
Stifling Dissent – Jewish Voice for Peace (herfst 2015)
Economic Monitoring Report – World Bank (september 2015)
Gaza Strip – The Humanitarian Impact of the Blockade – OCHA (juli 2015)
Gaza – Economic Monitoring Report – World Bank (mei 2015)
Trading settlement products and the role of Dutch supermarkets in human rights violations – SOMO (mei 2015)
Overcoming the Stalemate in Gaza – AIDA (april 2015)
Gaza and West Bank – Fragmented Lives – OCHA (maart 2015)
Displacement of Palestinians as a War Crime – Badil (februari 2015)
Attack First … then Campaign to Discredit the ICC – Law Office (februari 2015)
The Democratic Constitution – Adalah (2014)
Palestinian Refugees from Syria – Ongoing Nakba, Ongoing Discrimination – Badil (2014)
Israel’s obligations as an occupying power under international law, its violations and implications for EU policy – ECCP ( 2014)
Why the EU should stop blocking Palestinian membership of the ICC – Amnesty International a.o. (december 2014)
Breaking the Cycle of Impunity – FAMSI a.o. (december 2014)
No Association with Occupation – ECCP (november 2014)
Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question – ICG (oktober 2014)
Israel must stop forcible transfer plans Palestinian Bedouins – IDMC (september 2014)
Forced evictions in Israel-Palestine Middle East Monitor (juli 2014)
The forced expulsion of Palestinians – Middle East Monitor ( mei 2014)
Prisoners of Injustice – National Lawyers Guild (mei 2014)
Gaza Seaport – A Windowpane to the World – Euro-Mid (mei 2014)
Made in Israel, Agricultural Export from Occupied Territories –  Who Profits (april 2014)
Narrow scope for Palestinian rights in Lebanon – Middle East Monitor ( maart 2014)
The Next Round in Gaza – ICG (maart 2014)
Dutch Institutional Investors in Occupied Territories – VBDO (februari 2014)
EU – Commission Guidelines (2013)
From Al-Araqib to Susiya The Forced Displacement of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line – Adalah (2013)
Influx of Syrian refugees highlights ongoing Palestinian struggles in Lebanon– Middle East Monitor ( december 2013)
Policy Paper Preliminary Examinations – ICC ( november 2013)
Discriminatory Bills 19th Knesset – Adalah (oktober 2013)
Cultivating Dispossession – Israel Settlements in the Jordan Valley – Ma’an Development Center (2013)
Water and Israeli Colonialism – University of East Anglia (oktober 2013)
Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories – UNGA (september 2013)
Existing EU Legislation with Regard to Israeli Activities beyond the Green Line – EU (juli 2013)
The Prawer-Begin Bill and the Forced Displacement of the Bedouin – Adalah (mei 2013)
Dutch economic links with the occupation – Cordaid e.a. (april 2013)
Israeli Settlement Policy in Occupied Jerusalem – MEMO (april 2013)
Dangerous Liaison – Temple Mount Movements – Keshev (maart 2013)
Children in Israeli Military Detention Observations and Recommendations – UNICEF (February 2013)
Crowd Control – B’Tselem (januari 2013)
Regulating the Status of Bedouin Settlement in the Negev – Ze’ev Begin Report (januari 2013)
Palestinian citizens of Israel: defying the ongoing Nakba – Al Majdal, Badil (winter 2012)
Water Grabbing in Colonial Perspective – Land and Water in Israel-Palestine – Stephen Gasteyer (2012)
Prawer Plan – A Briefing Paper – Adalah
Targeting Israeli Apartheid – BDS Handbook – Corporate Watch (januari 2012)
Human Rights – Israel and the occupied territories – U.S. Department of State (2011)
Nomads Against their Will – Expulsion of the Bedouin of the Naqab – Adalah (september 2011)
Towards New Strategies for Palestinian National Liberation – PSG (augustus 2011)
Humanitarian Factsheet on Area C of the West Bank – OCHA (juli 2011)
Jordan Valley – Dispossession and Exploitation – B’Tselem (mei 2011)
Forbidden Fruit The Israeli Wine Industry and the Occupation – Who Profits (april 2011)
Israel & the International ‘Liberal’ Media – Jonathan Cook (maart 2011)
Policing the People, Building the State State – Yezid Sayigh (februari 2011)
Israel – A Divided Society – OECD (2010)
The World Bank Group in the West Bank and Gaza, 2001-2009 (2010)
Financing the Israeli Occupation – Coalition of Women for Peace (oktober 2010)
Troubled Waters – Palestinians Denied Fair Acces to Water – WB & Gaza Strip – Amnesty International (2009)
Soldiers’ Testimonies from Operation Cast Lead, Gaza – Breaking the Silence (2009)
Building A Better Relationship – Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon – IDRC (juni 2009)
Palestinian Economic Prospects – World Bank (juni 2009)
Onslaught – Israel’s Attack on Gaza and the Rule of Law – NLG (februari 2009)
Palestinians in the Middle East – Oxfam-Novib (september 2008)
Regaining the Initiative – Palestine Strategy Study Group (augustus 2008)
Dugard Report – Human Rights 2008 – UNGA (januari 2008)
The United Nations and Palestinian Refugees – UNRWA (2007)
Dignity Denied –  ICRC  (2007)
Mensonwaardig behandeld – Rode Kruis ( 2007)
DeSoto Report – EU (mei 2007)
Dugard Report – Human Rights 2006 – UNGA (september 2006)
Immobile Palestinians – Ongoing Plight of Gazans in Jordan – Forces Migration Review (augustus 2006)
Al Nakba 1948 – de terugkeer van de vluchtelingen, de sleutel tot vrede – Salman Abu Sitta (2000)
The Return of the Refugees – the Key to Peace – Salman Abu Sitta – PRRN (2000)
Yinon Plan – The Zionist Plan for the Middle East (februari 1982)
Koenig Report – Colonization West Bank – Gaza (maart 1976)
Plan-Dalet (maart 1948)
‘Transfer’ – Ben Gurion Letter to his Son (oktober 1937)
The Iron Wall – Colonisation of Palestine – Agreement with Arabs Impossible at present – Zionism Must Go Forward – Vladimir Jabotinsky (1923)