Rapporten en documenten

Hieronder in chronologische volgorde rapporten en documenten die de onderbouwing vormen van de teksten in de achtergronddossiers.

The Right to National Self-Determination and Israel/Palestine – Ran Greenstein in Social Justice and Israel/Palestine: Foundational and contemporary debates, edited by Aaron Tapper and Mira Sucharov (University of Toronto Press, 2019)
Dangerous conflation: Zionism, Israel and anti-semitism – Institute for Palestine Studies (maart 2019)
Can companies do business with Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories while respecting human rights? – Amnesty International (maart 2019)
Greenwashing the Golan:The Israeli Wind Energy Industry in the Occupied Syrian Golan – Who Profits (maart 2019)
Report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – Human Rights Council (februari 2019)
Fake Justice, The Responsibility Israel’s High Court Justices Bear for the Demolition of Palestinian Homes and the Dispossession of Palestinians – B’Tselem (februari 2019)
Destination Occupation – digital tourism and Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Amnesty International (januari 2019)
Report on unlawful killing and use of excessive force by Israeli forces against Palestinian children – DCIP and others (januari 2019)
Connection interrupted: Israels control of the Palestinian ICT infrastructure and its impact on digital rights – 7amleh (december 2018)
Palestine & PayPal – 7amleh (december 2018)
Wie wind zaait, zal storm oogsten: bezetting en de staat Israël – Clingendael (december 2018)
In deep water: more walls to strangle Gaza – Who Profits (december 2018)
A violent network: genderbased violence against Palestinian women in virtual space – 7amleh (november 2018)
Palestine School Report: Education under Military Occupation – CPT (november 2018)
Settling area C: the Jordan Valley exposed – Al-Haq (2018)
Unpacking gender in coercive environments: the case of the Jordan Valley – Al-Haq (2018)
Administrative Detention: A Legal & Lethal Tool of Israeli Repression – Middle East Monitor (november 2018)
Israel’s Militarized Visual Surveillance System in Occupied East Jerusalem – Who Profits (november 2018)
Shrinking Space & the BDS Movement – TNI (oktober 2018)
Signal Strength: Occupied The Telecommunications Sector and the Israeli Occupation – Who Profits Research Center (juli 2018)
Facebook and Palestinians: biased or neutral? – 7Amleh (oktober 2018)
World Bank Gaza Report -The World Bank (september 2018)
The ongoing UNRWA crisis: context, dimensions, prospects and responses – Badil (augustus 2018)
UNRWA’s social assistance & poverty reduction approaches, the case of Gazan refugees in Jordan The Palestinian Return Centre (2018)
Ending European complicity in Israel’s violations of Palestinian workers’ rights – ETUN – (mei 2018)
Palestinian Organisations Statement on UN Database – (januari 2018)
Mapping of Digital Rights Violations and Threats – 7amleh (januari 2018)
Violations of Palestinian Prisoners’ Rights in Israeli Prisons 2017 – Addameer (2018)
Israeli Demolitions and Confiscations of Solar Panel Aid Projects in Area C of the West Bank – Al Haq (2017)
Governing the Gatherings – Nora Stel (2017)
Palestinians of Syria, Life under restrictions – Action Group, Palestinian Return Centre (2017)
Occupation and Sovereignty: Renewing EU Policy in IsraelPalestine – ECFR ( 2017)
Death 2007- 2017 – B’Tselem (2017)
Gaza – Unwilling or Unable – Israeli Restrictions on Access to and from Gaza
– Human Rights Watch (2017)
Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories 2016-2017 – Amnesty International
Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid – ESCWA (2017)
Administrative Detention: A Legal & Lethal Tool of Israeli Repression – Middle East Monitor (november 2017)
‘There is no Palestine’ – Israeli incitement, rejectionism & anti-Palestinian racism – Middle East Monitor (september 2017)
Jerusalem Palestinians Stripped of Status – Human Rights Watch (augustus 2017)
Palestinian Citizens of Israel – Adalah (juli 2017)
Timeline – Israel’s anti-Palestinian laws since 1948 – Middle East Monitor (mei 2017)
EU-Israel Trade Briefing – EU (mei 2017)
West Bank and Gaza – World Bank (mei 2017)
Financing Land Grab The Direct Involvement of Israeli Banks in the Israeli Settlement Enterprise – Who Profits (februari 2017)
Greenwashing the Occupation: The Solar Energy Industry and the Israeli Occupation – Who Profits ( februari 2017)
Greenwashing the Naqab The Israeli Industry of Solar Energy – Who Profits (februari 2017)
Religious Freedom in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory – Palestine Works (2016)
The Israel Lobby and the European Union – David Cronin a.o. (2016)
American attitudes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Brookings (2016)
EU Differentiation and the Push for Peace in Israel-Palestine – ECFR (oktober 2016)
The Palestine Exception to Freedom of Speech – Palestine Legal (september 2016)
Gaza – No Safe Place – Crimes against and War Crimes – BADIL (februari 2016)
UNRWA Figures (januari 2016)
Private Security Companies and the Israeli Occupation – Who Profits ( januari 2016)
Occupation, Inc. – Human Rights Watch (januari 2016)
Palestininians and Jordanian citizenship – Middle East Monitor ( december 2015)
Survey on the socioeconomic status of Palestine refugees in Lebanon – UNRWA ( 2015)
Demolition orders in Area C of the Westbank – OCHA (2015)
Identifying IDPs in Palestine – IDMC (2015)
Gaza – Trapped and Punished – FIDH (2015)
This is How We Fought in Gaza – Breaking the Silence (2015)
Survey of Palestinian Refugees and IDPs (2013-2015) – BADIL
Origin of Goods from the Territories – EU (november 2015)
Apartheid & Cultural Boycott: Then and Now – Middle East Monitor ( september 2015)Report on UNCTAD assistance to the Palestinian people (september 2015)
Stifling Dissent – Jewish Voice for Peace (herfst 2015)
Economic Monitoring Report – World Bank (september 2015)
Gaza Strip – The Humanitarian Impact of the Blockade – OCHA (juli 2015)
Gaza – Economic Monitoring Report – World Bank (mei 2015)
Trading settlement products and the role of Dutch supermarkets in human rights violations – SOMO (mei 2015)
Overcoming the Stalemate in Gaza – AIDA (april 2015)
Gaza and West Bank – Fragmented Lives – OCHA (maart 2015)
Displacement of Palestinians as a War Crime – Badil (februari 2015)
Attack First … then Campaign to Discredit the ICC – Law Office (februari 2015)
The Democratic Constitution – Adalah (2014)
Palestinian Refugees from Syria – Ongoing Nakba, Ongoing Discrimination – Badil (2014)
Israel’s obligations as an occupying power under international law, its violations and implications for EU policy – ECCP ( 2014)
Why the EU should stop blocking Palestinian membership of the ICC – Amnesty International a.o. (december 2014)
Breaking the Cycle of Impunity – FAMSI a.o. (december 2014)
No Association with Occupation – ECCP (november 2014)
Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question – ICG (oktober 2014)
Israel must stop forcible transfer plans Palestinian Bedouins – IDMC (september 2014)
Forced evictions in Israel-Palestine Middle East Monitor (juli 2014)
The forced expulsion of Palestinians – Middle East Monitor ( mei 2014)
Prisoners of Injustice – National Lawyers Guild (mei 2014)
Gaza Seaport – A Windowpane to the World – Euro-Mid (mei 2014)
Narrow scope for Palestinian rights in Lebanon – Middle East Monitor ( maart 2014)
The Next Round in Gaza – ICG (maart 2014)
Dutch Institutional Investors in Occupied Territories – VBDO (februari 2014)
EU – Commission Guidelines (2013)
From Al-Araqib to Susiya The Forced Displacement of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line – Adalah (2013)
Influx of Syrian refugees highlights ongoing Palestinian struggles in Lebanon– Middle East Monitor ( december 2013)
Policy Paper Preliminary Examinations – ICC ( november 2013)
Discriminatory Bills 19th Knesset – Adalah (oktober 2013)
Cultivating Dispossession – Israel Settlements in the Jordan Valley – Ma’an Development Center (2013)
Water and Israeli Colonialism – University of East Anglia (oktober 2013)
Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories – UNGA (september 2013)
Existing EU Legislation with Regard to Israeli Activities beyond the Green Line – EU (juli 2013)
The Prawer-Begin Bill and the Forced Displacement of the Bedouin – Adalah (mei 2013)
Dutch economic links with the occupation – Cordaid e.a. (april 2013)
Israeli Settlement Policy in Occupied Jerusalem – MEMO (april 2013)
Dangerous Liaison – Temple Mount Movements – Keshev (maart 2013)
Children in Israeli Military Detention Observations and Recommendations – UNICEF (February 2013)
Crowd Control – B’Tselem (januari 2013)
Regulating the Status of Bedouin Settlement in the Negev – Ze’ev Begin Report (januari 2013)
Water Grabbing in Colonial Perspective – Land and Water in Israel-Palestine – Stephen Gasteyer (2012)
Prawer Plan – A Briefing Paper – Adalah
Targeting Israeli Apartheid – BDS Handbook – Corporate Watch (januari 2012)
Human Rights – Israel and the occupied territories – U.S. Department of State (2011)
Nomads Against their Will – Expulsion of the Bedouin of the Naqab – Adalah (september 2011)
Towards New Strategies for Palestinian National Liberation – PSG (augustus 2011)
Humanitarian Factsheet on Area C of the West Bank – OCHA (juli 2011)
Jordan Valley – Dispossession and Exploitation – B’Tselem (mei 2011)
Forbidden Fruit The Israeli Wine Industry and the Occupation – Who Profits (april 2011)
Israel & the International ‘Liberal’ Media – Jonathan Cook (maart 2011)
Policing the People, Building the State State – Yezid Sayigh (februari 2011)
Israel – A Divided Society – OECD (2010)
The World Bank Group in the West Bank and Gaza, 2001-2009 (2010)
Financing the Israeli Occupation – Coalition of Women for Peace (oktober 2010)
Troubled Waters – Palestinians Denied Fair Acces to Water – WB & Gaza Strip – Amnesty International (2009)
Soldiers’ Testimonies from Operation Cast Lead, Gaza – Breaking the Silence (2009)
Building A Better Relationship – Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon – IDRC (juni 2009)
Palestinian Economic Prospects – World Bank (juni 2009)
Onslaught – Israel’s Attack on Gaza and the Rule of Law – NLG (februari 2009)
Palestinians in the Middle East – Oxfam-Novib (september 2008)
Regaining the Initiative – Palestine Strategy Study Group (augustus 2008)
Dugard Report – Human Rights 2008 – UNGA (januari 2008)
The United Nations and Palestinian Refugees – UNRWA (2007)
Dignity Denied –  ICRC  (2007)
Mensonwaardig behandeld – Rode Kruis ( 2007)
DeSoto Report – EU (mei 2007)
Dugard Report – Human Rights 2006 – UNGA (september 2006)
Immobile Palestinians – Ongoing Plight of Gazans in Jordan – Forces Migration Review (augustus 2006)
The Return of the Refugees – the Key to Peace – Salman Abu Sitta – PRRN (2000)
Yinon Plan – The Zionist Plan for the Middle East (februari 1982)
Koenig Report – Colonization West Bank – Gaza (maart 1976)
Plan-Dalet (maart 1948)
‘Transfer’ – Ben Gurion Letter to his Son (oktober 1937)
The Iron Wall – Colonisation of Palestine – Agreement with Arabs Impossible at present – Zionism Must Go Forward – Vladimir Jabotinsky (1923)