Siemens accused of supporting boycott of Israel

Middle East Monitor  /  June 9, 2023

US officials are considering opening an investigation into whether the German giant Siemens has engaged in a boycott of Israel with the aim of winning a multimillion-dollar deal with a Turkish company funded by the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia, according to US media reports.

The case dates back to February, when German media outlets revealed that the company had signed a clause stipulating a boycott of Israel in a contract with the Turkish State Railways Company. The German company has officially denied the claims relating to the $360 million deal.

US officials said they would investigate the matter, and the US Washington Free Beacon website reported on Tuesday that “New York and Arizona officials told the Washington Free Beacon they are looking into the allegations to see if any action is necessary under the states’ anti-boycott laws.”

“The Zachor Legal Institute said it has raised the matter with several state law enforcement bodies. At least 36 states have laws or orders opposing the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement,” Washington Free Beacon said. “Some of these laws limit government-related business with companies that boycott Israel, such as public pension fund investments or contracting work,” the US website added.

In her denial of the claims, Florian Martini, a spokesman for Siemens, said: “Neither Siemens AG nor Siemens Turkey signed a boycott declaration in 2018 in connection with the tender for high-speed trains.”

He added that Siemens has been active in various fields of work in Israel for about 60 years, and it is “deeply rooted there.”