maandag 13 t/m vrijdag 17 mei: book tour ‘Towers of Ivory and Steel’- how Israeli Universities deny Palestinian freedom

DR  Maya Wind toert door Nederland met haar nieuwe boek ‘Towers of Ivory and Steel’

Israeli universities have long enjoyed a reputation as liberal bastions of freedom and democracy. Drawing on extensive research and making Hebrew sources accessible to the international community, Maya Wind shatters this myth and documents how Israeli universities are directly complicit in the violation of Palestinian rights. Academic disciplines, degree programs, campus infrastructure, and research laboratories all service Israeli occupation and apartheid, while universities violate the rights of Palestinians to education, stifle critical scholarship, and violently repress student dissent. A powerful exposé of Israeli academia’s ongoing and active complicity in Israel’s settler-colonial project. Lees meer

datum: van maandag 13 mei/ vrijdag 17 mei

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