Palestinians in Israel chant ‘Jerusalem is red line’ during flag march

Umm al-Fahm - Palestinians march to protest against the rise in crime and violence (Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  July 10, 2021

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israel took part in a Palestine Flag March organized on Friday in the city of Umm al-Fahm in Israel, reported.

The Palestine Flag March was organized by young Palestinians and sponsored by Palestinian factions and public figures in Israel.

The Palestinian flag was raised during the march by Palestinians wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh chanting anti-Israeli occupation slogans.

Among the chanted slogans was: “Jerusalem is a red line.”

The march came in response to the Israeli Flag March organized annually on 15 June, and in protest against the continuous Israeli aggression in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and Al-Aqsa Mosque.