maandag 6 mei openbaar bijeenkomst: Healthcare emergencies and care delivery – Gaza, Erasmus Medisch Centrum


In the past six months, the world has witnessed the destruction of the healthcare system in Gaza, where healthcare facilities and hospitals have been destroyed and at least 400 healthcare professionals have been killed. The ongoing destruction has jeopardized the humanitarian right to healthcare in Gaza. During this lecture, we will discuss this highly important and worrying topic further with three renominated speakers:

Mads Gilbert Anesthesiologist and emeritus professor , who has extensive hands-on emergency medicine experience in conflict areas, including Gaza. He will talk about ‘the history of the Palestinian healthcare system and how it has been targeted’.

Craig Jones Writer and senior lecturer, who has extensive expertise in healthcare during conflicts and international humanitarian law. He will explain the ‘legal perspectives on the protection of healthcare services and workers during times of violence’.

Thea Hilhorst Humanitarian studies professor of Erasmus University Rotterdam, who will be the moderator for this lecture.

datum: maandag 6 mei

aanvang: 19:00 uur

inloop: 18:30

plaats: Erasmus medisch centrum, zaal 1, Dr Molewaterplein 40, Rotterdam 

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