Palestinian MK Ahmad Tibi deeply concerned by rising crime rate in Israel’s Palestinians community

Middle East Monitor  /  August 24, 2023

Palestinian Member of the Israeli Knesset Ahmad Tibi said yesterday that he is very concerned about the rising crime rate in Palestinian communities, Akka news website reported.

Tibi blamed Israel Police and the judiciary for the worrying and unprecedented increase in crime, pointing out that 75 per cent of crimes are being committed by organized criminals and gangs.

 “This is a very dangerous issue,” Tibi said, “as homicides have become common in Arab communities during the past years. It seems that the Palestinian communities are being held by the gangs of organized crime. So a serious intervention by authorities is needed.”

Meanwhile, Tibi pointed out that the retreat in police’s role in combating organized crime proves the complicity of the Israeli security agencies.

Around 140 Palestinian citizens of Israel have been killed so far this year as a result of the rising crime rates within their community.