PA wants the world to deal with Israel as an ‘apartheid regime’

A protester holds a placard during the demonstration (Loredana Sangiuliano - SOPA Images)

Middle East Monitor  /  December 5, 2022

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has asked the international community to deal with the Israeli occupation state as an “apartheid regime”, WAFA news agency reported yesterday.

In a statement, the PA’s Foreign Ministry said: “The occupying state is not only perpetuating the occupation, but is also aspiring to annex more areas of the occupied West Bank through a long series of expansionist colonial measures and statements by far-right leaders.”

The statement came following remarks about nurturing the Jewish settler enterprise in the occupied West Bank made by far-right Israeli politicians who are becoming senior ministers in the next Israeli government coalition.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the situation on the ground “is likely to worsen further in light of the control of the right and the extreme Israeli right over the corridors of government in the occupying state, especially after the recent Israeli elections.”

The PA said it holds Israel fully responsible for blocking any political path to resolving the conflict since 2009.