Israel to discuss discrediting degrees awarded by Palestinian universities

Middle East Monitor  /  February 2, 2023

The Israeli cabinet is to discuss not recognizing academic degrees awarded by Palestinian universities, public broadcaster Kan reported yesterday.

The proposal was made by Minister of Agriculture Avi Dichter, who previously headed the Israeli spy agency Shin Bet.

“During their study at Palestinian universities, Palestinian students from Israel are exposed to anti-Israel materials and messages, with which they return to the country and pass on to their students,” Dichter claimed.

This proposal, if approved, will help weaken the relationship between Palestinians who live in Israel and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Sheeran Haskel, a Likud member, claimed that more than 20 per cent of teachers in Arab schools in Israel had graduated from Palestinian universities “after they absorbed the implications of portraying Israel as an enemy.”

Rights groups in Israel say that Arabs in Israel are forced to study at Palestinian universities in the occupied West Bank due to the major restrictions facing them if they plan to study certain majors, including medicine and social service, in Israel.