Israel: New bill to detain PA officials active in Jerusalem

Middle East Monitor  /  June 12, 2023

Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation yesterday discussed a draft law stipulating the detention of Palestinian Authority (PA) officials who are active in occupied Jerusalem, Arab48 reported.

The detention in the proposed law is based on the claims that action by PA officials in Jerusalem violates Israel’s sovereignty in occupied East Jerusalem.

Religious Zionist Party MK Zvi Sukkot proposed the bill claiming that it is part of the Oslo Accords, pointing out that the accords included a condition that the PA officials must not interfere in Israel’s internal affairs.

Sukkot said that this term remained dead because the Oslo Accords did not stipulate punishment for violators.

The MK also claimed that many PA officials have interfered in the affairs of the Arabs in Israel, mainly in relation to the education system in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Sukkot proposed five years in prison for any PA official charged with interfering in the Israel’s internal affairs, and ten years in prison if the interference included threats.