Israel bill stopping state funding for medical care for Palestine detainees passes first reading

Middle East Monitor  /  February 24, 2023

The Chair of the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC), Qadura Fares, condemned Israel’s Knesset’s approval of a bill in the first reading yesterday to stop the state funding of medical treatment for Palestinian detainees.

In response, Fares said in a statement that the Israeli occupation authorities, led by the Israel Prison Services (IPS), have for decades imposed life-threatening measures and racist practices against Palestinian prisoners, which can no longer be termed as medical negligence.

“It is actually a slow killing process,” said Fares.

“Although international laws and norms guarantee the right to treatment and health care for prisoners, the occupation authorities continue to ignore everything that has been approved by the international system, without any concern, and in light of the international silence, the occupation authorities will continue to invent racist legislations and laws, which appear at first glance that they only affect the Palestinian when in reality they lay the foundation for rules that affect all of humanity.”

According to Israeli broadcaster Kan, the bill, which requires two more rounds of voting before becoming law, will prohibit state funding of medical treatment, including surgeries, for Palestinian prisoners.

According to the PPC, about 600 sick prisoners are being held in the occupation’s prisons, including about 200 who suffer from chronic diseases. This includes 24 prisoners with tumors and cancer in various stages.