Israel arrests 37 Palestinians in West Bank

Middle East Monitor  /  August 29, 2023

Some 37 Palestinians were detained this morning across the occupied West Bank by Israeli occupation soldiers.

Nine Palestinians were arrested in Nablus, two in Qalqilya, five in Ramallah city and two in Jerusalem’s Silwan neighbourhood.

Three military raids were conducted, one in Jenin where two were arrested, another in Zeita town where an ex-prisoner was detained, and another in the village of Marah Rabah where four were arrested.

Israeli occupation forces frequently target Palestinians in military raids, subjecting them to violence and harassment. The recent dominance of right-wing politicians in Israel such as Bezalel Smotrich who called for “striking the cities of terror and its instigators without mercy, with tanks and helicopters” have only worsened the situation.

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories is illegal under international law.