Israel AI-powered lifeguard deployed on UAE beaches

Middle East Monitor  /  October 4, 2023

An Israeli artificial intelligence-powered lifeguard system, SightBit, is being used for the first time in the UAE to enhance beach safety.

The software analyses live video feed from waterfront cameras to detect and alert to potential risks and hazards, including identifying behaviors consistent with drowning.

According to Israel21c, the technology has been deployed on beaches in Tel Aviv and Ashdod, in addition to locations in Brazil, Canada and the US.

In July, Gulf News reported that UAE-based water safety and first aid company, Blueguard, obtained exclusive distribution rights for SightBit, while last week it was reported that the two companies entered a partnership to improve safety measures along the Gulf state’s shores.

Founder & Managing Director of Blueguard, Luke Cunningham, said: “Our commitment to water safety, coupled with Sightbit’s cutting-edge technology, will transform beach management and safety in the UAE.”

“We foresee this benefitting a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, hotels, beach operators and really anyone managing access or activities in open water.”

SightBit’s CEO, Adam Bismut was quoted as saying: “SightBit’s mission is to help save lives, everywhere,” adding that “We are thrilled for the opportunity we have to bring our revolutionary technology to the UAE and protect the lives of the wonderful people who live there.”

Since the 2020 Abraham Accords were signed, bilateral trade has increased between Israel and the UAE, with trade expected to reach $10 billion by 2027. Currently, around 1,000 Israeli firms operate in the country, which is fast becoming a hub for Israeli start-ups.