Hamas: Reduction in UNRWA’s services to Palestine refugees in Lebanon ‘inhumane’

UNRWA workers prepare aids distribute to Palestinian refugees in Al-Shati Camp in Gaza City, Gaza (Ali Jadallah - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  January 26, 2022

Hamas yesterday described as “inhumane” the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)’s decision to cut services offered to refugees who fled the war in Syria and who have been seeking shelter in Lebanon.

In a statement issued by spokesman in Lebanon, Jihad Taha, the Palestinian movement said that “UNRWA’s non-fulfillment of its obligations towards the issue of displaced refugees, who are experiencing difficult economic and social conditions is rejected.”

“It is the duty of the UNRWA to secure the relief assistance and all the services needed by the refugees, who were forcibly expelled from their homes.”

He called for supporting the demands of the displaced refugees and standing beside them, as well as for “putting pressure on the UNRWA to cancel its oppressive decision regarding the payment of all the financial dues without any reduction.”

This came after the UNRWA had stopped paying $100 to Palestinian refugee families displaced from Syria to help cover the cost of their rent.

According to UNRWA’s 2020 statistics, there were about 27,000 Palestine refugees displaced from Syria living in Lebanon, most of them are experiencing harsh economic and social conditions at a time when Lebanon is suffering the world’s worst economic crisis.