Gaza Strip: refugees protest against UNRWA decision to downsize food coupons

Gaza-City, Gaza (Mustafa Hassona - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  February 22, 2021

Dozens of Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip staged a protest on Sunday against the recent decision by UNRWA to downsize food coupons, Anadolu has reported.

Organised by a popular committee affiliated with the PLO, the protest was held outside UNRWA’s food distribution centre at Al-Shati (Beach) Refugee Camp. It was attended by representatives of the national factions, associations and community institutions in the refugee camps.

The protesters expressed their rejection of UNRWA’s decision to impose cuts on its services. They accused the agency of taking the first practical steps towards cutting its essential services for the refugees.

The popular committees demanded that UNRWA should cancel the new single coupon system and reintroduce the two coupon system, to redress the balance for Palestinian refugees classified as being under the extreme poverty line. An estimated 770,000 refugees are already at that level.