Charity coordinates entry of ambulances into Gaza

Miles of Smiles coordinates entry of ambulances into Gaza (Miles of Smiles)

Middle East Monitor  /  November 9, 2021

Miles of Smiles has coordinated the entry of a fleet of ambulances into the Gaza Strip.

Dr Essam Yousuf said that some 37 fully equipped ambulances arrived in the Strip following a campaign which brought together a number of global organizations under the banner ‘Egypt and Palestine…Hand in Hand for life’.

Yousuf extended his thanks to partner organizations and to Egypt and Jordan for facilitating the entry of ambulances and humanitarian aid to the enclave.

Medics International emphasized that it continues to implement a plan to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip in the short and long term, especially following the outbreak of the coronavirus. The 15-year Israeli siege on Gaza has caused economic and humanitarian conditions to deteriorate in the coastal enclave, raising poverty rates and unemployment.