PA threatens our members in Hebron, says Islamic Jihad

Middle East Monitor  /  September 20, 2023

The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine said on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority security agencies are threatening and arresting its members in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron/Al-Khalil, Quds Press has reported.

“The PA is carrying out a continuous political crime and offering free service to the Israeli occupation despite its ongoing violations against the Palestinians and aggression at Al-Aqsa Mosque,” said Islamic Jihad.

The movement pointed out that security agents from the PA intelligence services ambushed Tamer Islimiyeh, a former prisoner, and held him at gunpoint. “This is a direct threat which is opposed by all our norms,” said Islamic Jihad. “This was an assassination attempt.”

According to Islimiyeh, he was asked to turn himself in to the intelligence services. He refused, though, and pledged instead to take them to court.

Quds Press noted that PA President Mahmoud Abbas has ordered the authority’s security agencies to tighten their grip on Palestinian fighters in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.