Mustafa Barghouti condemns PA killing of Palestinian as a ‘dangerous incident’

Middle East Monitor  /  August 31, 2023

The Secretary General of the National Initiative Movement said on Wednesday that the killing of a Palestinian man by the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank was “a dangerous incident” that needs to be investigated.

“An immediate investigation must be opened into the killing of Abdul Kader Zaqdah,” insisted Mustafa Barghouti. He called for the party responsible for the shooting to be held accountable for the aggression. “The life of a human being is the most precious thing for us. We do not accept shedding the blood of any Palestinian.”

Lawyers for Justice also condemned the killing of Zaqdah by the PA. The 25 year old was killed during a PA security campaign to clear barricades placed by Palestinian fighters across certain streets in Tulkarm to obstruct Israeli incursions. According to local Palestinians, by doing this the PA is helping the Israeli occupation army to enter the city.