West Bank Doctors Syndicate halts scheduled operations, outpatient clinics

Middle East Monitor  /  September 2, 2023

The Doctors Syndicate in the occupied West Bank decided on Friday to halt scheduled operations and outpatient clinics in hospitals in protest against defamation targeting them, Safa News Agency reported.

In a statement disclosed by Safa, the doctors confirmed that they are ceasing work on Sunday and Monday to express rejection of the defamation targeting doctors.

The Doctors Syndicate also expressed: “It is still demanding legal action against those who defamed doctors and challenged investigation committees, which led to the lack of trust between doctors and patients.”

It also announced that doctors will not attend work nor participate in all medical committees of the Ministry of Health, with the exception of medical referrals.

The syndicate called on doctors not to go to work at the Ministry of Health offices and the primary health directorates next Tuesday.