West Bank: doctors suspend work in Jenin hospital due to ‘security chaos’

Middle East Monitor  /  March 28, 2022

The Palestinian Doctors’ Syndicate announced yesterday the suspension of work at the emergency department of the main government hospital in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. The decision was taken due to what the doctors called “security chaos” after a verbal and physical attack on one of the doctors working in the department.

The syndicate said on Facebook that work will be suspended until the attacker is arrested. It called upon Palestinian Authority Minister of Health Mai al-Kila and Jenin Governor Akram al-Rajoub to go to the hospital.

“The attack on the doctor caused injuries to his hand, arm and mouth,” explained Al-Kila. “We completely reject any aggression against healthcare staff. They are our people. We salute them for doing their humanitarian duty.”

The minister has contacted Al-Rajoub to get details about the incident at the hospital and stressed that she will take all the necessary measures to deter anyone daring to carry out attacks on healthcare workers.