Voter turnout expected to rise among Palestinians in Israel

Middle East Monitor  /  October 31, 2022

Palestinian voter turnout is expected to reach 50 per cent in tomorrow’s Israeli elections, a new report released by the Israel Democracy Institute has said.

This is higher than the rate of turnout expected by the previous polls carried out two months ago, which reached only 39 per cent.

Haaretz said the turnout rate may help Palestinian parties pass the electoral threshold and remain in the Knesset.

An internal poll within the Palestinian community found that the Balad Party, led by Sami Abu Shehadeh, will be a little short of the necessary 3.25 per cent of votes needed to gain a seat.

Palestinian lists are expected to get between eight and 12 seats in the Knesset, Raviv Kroker, Israeli analyst, told Channel 13.

Should Palestinian parties gain seats, they will be in a position to swing the election against opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc.