[VIDEO] Muna al-Kurd highlights Sheikh Jarrah struggle in graduation speech

The Palestine Chronicle  /  July 1, 2021 

Palestinian activist Muna al-Kurd who, along with her twin brother Mohammed, has become a symbol of the Jerusalemites’ struggle against Israel’s systematic ethnic cleansing policy, chose to convey the suffering of the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood during her graduation speech at Birzeit University yesterday.



“God willing, the illegal closure imposed on the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood will end, and the forced displacement decisions against us will be revoked so that I welcome you into my home,” Al-Kurd said.

“I carry with me greetings from the steadfast Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and from the steadfast castle of Silwan,” she continued.

“I am sure you know about the neighbourhood, not only because it is being talked about in the media and news, but also because it reminds us of the Nakba [catastrophe] that has not ended since 1948 and continues to happen in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and Lifta, and in all of Jerusalem, in Beita [village], the Jordan Valley, across the [occupied] West Bank, the occupied interior [Israel], Gaza and in diaspora including the forced displacement, house demolitions, ethnic cleansing, arrest and exile, and the list goes on”.

The Palestinian activist added that for the first time in many years Palestinians united to confront the Israeli policies of uprooting them from all of historic Palestine and their message has succeeded in reaching the world.

“My advice to you is that we should not remain silent about injustice, about oppression, the suppression of freedoms, and political arrests, and always document and spread attacks,” she added.

(MEMO, PC, Social Media)