[VIDEO] Gaza: visualizing destruction – Palestine Chronicle short documentary

The Palestine Chronicle  /  June 17, 2021

What does ‘toppled to the ground’ actually mean in real life ? What happens to a neighborhood once a missile explodes and the bodies of dead and wounded are collected ?

VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un3tRRn4TKE

In this latest video production by The Palestine Chronicle team, we attempt to visualize destruction and locate the names of those who died in the homes and neighborhoods in which they once lived.

A Gaza-based Palestinian Journalist, Wafaa Aludaini takes us on this emotional but necessary journey throughout the war-torn Gaza Strip. 

“Numbers without names, statistics without faces and charts without the human being that gives them true meaning, are insufficient to tell the story of Palestine,” Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud said.