US pledges to restock Israel’s Iron Dome supply

Middle East Monitor  /  June 5, 2021

The US administration has pledged to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome defence system after it was depleted during the 11-day Israeli offensive on Gaza in May, Israeli public broadcaster Kan reported on Friday.

Quds Press reported Kan stating that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made this pledge to Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz in the presence of US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

This came following a bipartisan letter signed by 55 Congress-people and sent to US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, urging the Pentagon to quickly work with Congress to fulfil any request to restock Israel’s supply of the Iron Dome system.

The US officials highlighted the necessity of rebuilding the Gaza Strip and ensuring that immediate humanitarian support is offered to its residents.

Meanwhile, Gantz and Lloyd discussed the Iranian issue and the nuclear deal being laid down between the US and Iran.

In addition, they reiterated the necessity that Israel maintains qualitative defence superiority. “We are witnessing major changes and challenges,” according to Gantz, who stressed that: “The only stable thing is the strategic alliance and partnership between Israel and the US.”

Gantz thanked the US for its support and reiterated that Iran “is a global and regional problem” as it continues developing its nuclear weapons, deploying its militias across the Middle East and “posing an existential threat” to Israel.