US Indiana elect first Muslim State Senator of Palestinian descent

Fady Qaddoura with his family (Facebook)

Middle East Monitor  /  November 7, 2020

Fady Qaddoura, an American citizen of Palestinian origins, won the membership of the Senate of Indiana, becoming the first Arab Muslim in the state legislature, and the third Palestinian to win the US elections 2020, after defeating his rival John Ruckelchaus.

Democrat Qaddoura beat John Ruklchaus by 52% to 48%. He won by over 3,800 votes after 98% of the votes were counted, according to Sputnik.

“We did it! Only in America can someone immigrate to this country, work hard, and earn the trust of tens of thousands of voters to become the first Muslim State Senator in Indiana’s history. I will work hard every day to represent all Hoosiers – including the ones who did not vote for me,” he posted on Facebook.

He added:

I want to thank my opponent, Senator Ruckelshaus, for his service to our district over the last four years. Our state faces great challenges in the coming year, and I look forward to working with Senators from both parties to face this moment.

Fady Qaddoura, an American citizen of Arab descent, immigrated from Palestine 19 years ago to study computer science. He lost his home and lived a difficult period with his family after Hurricane Katrina that struck the United States.

Social and charitable societies helped him and his family to overcome this ordeal, and today he is the first Muslim member of Arab origin to support the Democratic Party.