Divide & Rule – Peretz: ‘We will ostracise Hamas and negotiate with PA’

Amir Peretz, leader of Israel's Labour Party (File photo)

Middle East Monitor  /  January 20, 2020

Amir Peretz, head of Israeli Labour-Gesher (now merged with the Meretz party), announced on Sunday that he will ostracise Hamas and only negotiate with the Palestinian Authority (PA), if his party wins the Knesset elections slated for 2 March, Quds Press reported.

During a cultural event held in the settlement of Holon, Peretz declared: “Hamas will never get any money from Israel. We will isolate it and start political dialogue with the PA.”

He added: “We will reform the policy of the coming government and head for peace talks at the same time, we will not ignore the issues of welfare and social justice.”

Regarding the elections and Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Peretz asserted: We will replace him and his policy. We will represent the social conscience and the political compass.”

He continued: “We will raise the flag of social justice and the flag of peace together.”

On the topic of the Middle East, he noted: “We must be ready to face the Iranian threat and make this our top priority. We have to be ready for facing extremism from Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.”

Peretz revealed that under his rule, Israel would build an axis from the moderate countries, including Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, alongside the PA.