Report: 4,013 Palestinians killed in Syria 

The largest Palestinian refugee camp,

Middle East Monitor  /  January 3, 2020

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) had documented the death of 4,013 Palestinians as a result of the war in Syria.

In a report issued yesterday the group said the victims include 614 refugees who had died of torture inside Syrian regime prisons and detention centres and 205 who had died due to lack of medical care and the tight siege imposed by the Syrian regime army on the Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

As many as 311 Palestinian were shot by snipers, it said.

According to the group, as many as 142 victims were killed in bombings, 92 were executed in the field by regime forces and loyalists, 52 drowned trying to flee to Europe, 25 were assassinated and 315 were executed, burnt or suffocated. Some 87 victims died of unknown causes.

The group explained that it documents the death of all Palestinian refugees in Syria, regardless of their political affiliations or the party responsible for their death.