Hamas insists on simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections

Hamas spokesman Hazim Qasim

Middle East Monitor  /  October 9, 2019

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said on Tuesday [08/10] that is it is insisting on presidential and parliamentary elections being held simultaneously. Other Palestinian factions agree with this, said the movement’s spokesman.

“We call upon [President Mahmoud Abbas] to announce his position regarding the initiative of the Palestinian factions,” explained Hazem Qasim in a press release. “This is a positive prelude for holding simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections.”

Qasim added that the initiative includes elections for the Palestinian National Council, which was agreed upon during earlier reconciliation talks.

The Hamas press release followed Abbas’s meeting with Hanna Nasser, the head of the Central Elections Committee, early this week in Ramallah. Nasser was asked to start preparing immediately for a parliamentary election only.