Qatar paid $34m to prevent humanitarian crisis in Gaza, says Al-Emadi

108,000 Gaza families to benefit from Qatar funds transfer, Gaza (Mohammed Asad - MEMO)

Middle East Monitor  /  September 3, 2020

Chairman of Qatar’s Gaza Reconstruction Committee Ambassador Mohammed Al-Emadi confirmed on Wednesday that his country paid $34 million to prevent an imminent humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Speaking to Al Araby TV, Al-Emadi disclosed: “This money includes $7 million to the people affected by COVID-19,” noting that more humanitarian needs would be discussed at a later date.

Al-Emadi, who mediated the ceasefire between the Palestinian resistance and Israel, added: “We understand Hamas’ demands, which were reasonable and represented the lowest level of the people’s needs in Gaza. Our existence in Gaza is to prevent more offensives.”

The senior Qatari official stressed that the international solidarity and support for Gaza: “Is currently weak, unlike ten years ago.”

He noted that he met with the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov and discussed supporting Gaza. “He promised to do so,” according to Al-Emadi, but stressed that “it is difficult to afford the needed support now.”

On the issue of electricity supplies, he explained: “I met with the head of the Israeli energy company, Delek, and discussed with him supplying gas to the Gaza power plant. It is better than operating electricity line 161 because it affords 130 megawatts for only $2.5 million, while operating line 161 affords 80 megawatts for $6 million a month.”

Regarding Rafah Hospital, Al-Emadi disclosed that it is funded by a private donor, noting that COVID-19 complicated the communication with him.

He also revealed that Israel agreed to issue 7,000 work permits for Palestinian workers from Gaza.