Palestinians in Europe Conference concerned about dying hunger striker in Israeli jail

Middle East Monitor  /  January 3, 2022

The Palestinians in Europe Conference have expressed deep concern over the deteriorating health condition of Palestinian prisoner, Hisham Abu Hawash, after 140 days on hunger strike, a statement said.

According to the statement, Abu Hawash, who is protesting against his administrative detention, is facing imminent death in Israeli prison.

Over the weekend, he fell into a coma due to his hunger strike, which has caused a significant deterioration of his health, vision, and ability to speak; as well as problems with his heart muscle and muscle atrophy. Doctors have warned that he may enter a critical stage at any time.

“However, the Israeli authorities continue to disregard the appeals for his release, in flagrant violation of international human rights laws and norms,” the statement said.

It added that the Palestinians in Europe Conference declares “its full support for Abu Hawash and all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, particularly, the female, sick, children, and elderly detainees.”

The conference also “calls on the Palestinian people, at home and abroad, to stand firmly in support of the Palestinian prisoners especially Hisham Abu Hawash who is now leading the battle against the Israeli occupation.”

Meanwhile, the conference urged “the European Union, all European governments, political and human rights organizations, and decision-makers to act urgently and pressure the Israeli occupation to save Abu Hawash’s life and all Palestinian prisoners.”

For this, the conference declared on Sunday the start of a major popular, media and rights campaign in support of hunger striker Hisham Abu Hawash until his release.