Palestinians angry with increasing eviction orders

Middle East Monitor  /  May 6, 2023

Palestinian residents of Al-Tayba are angry with Israeli occupation authorities over issuing 210 eviction orders and fines, reported on Friday.

Owners of the targeted facilities convened to discuss future measures against the Israeli eviction plan, which mainly targets the Al-Sahel area in Ezbat al-Hodhod, located east of Al-Tayba.

Israeli employees from the Regional Planning and Construction Committee in the Region of the Centre handed over the eviction orders claiming that the land was being used illegally.

A large number of Palestinian residents from the city attended the meeting and agreed to launch an information committee, in addition to the already existing legal, judicial and political committees, to follow up on the situation.

“We will knock on every door seeking support to get the evictions abolished,” Subhi Haj Yahya, one of the landowners affected by the Israeli plan, asserted.

“Certainly, we will have obstacles, but we must not give up,” he said, stating that they would adopt “soft and diplomatic” policies, but at the same time, they would not give up “tough” policies if needed.

Yahya stated that these evictions are part of a “systematic Israeli displacement plan targeting lands and homes of the Arabs [Palestinians]”, stressing: “We must be united against this plan because unity is the strength and Israel will not listen to us except when we are strong.”

Lawyer Shaker Bal’oum shared his view that: “These evictions are considered a declaration of war against the lands of Al-Tayba. We have to turn on the red light.”