Palestinian writer warns upcoming Israeli cabinet targets Palestinian cause

Middle East Monitor  /  December 23, 2022

Palestinian political writer and a citizen in Israel, Muhammad Watad, yesterday warned that the upcoming Israeli government led by Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu will target the Palestinians in Israel as well as in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. ‏

Speaking during a conference organized by Al-Resalah Media Foundation, Watad said successive Israeli governments view the Palestinians living in Israel as a “fifth column”.

He believed that the new government is no different from Netanyahu’s five successive governments since 2009, as all are governments of the extreme religious right, which controls decision-making centres in Israel, and have the final say in Tel Aviv’s political life. ‏

According to Watad, many of the internal conditions in Israel are suffering from disintegration, and will explode, but there is now a consensus among them to liquidate the Palestinian struggle from existence, adding that what happened in the Negev desert and in Jerusalem is proof of this. ‏

He explained that 300,000 Palestinians in the Naqab/Negev no longer have more than one million dunams out of the 11 million dunams of land in the area. ‏

He emphasised that 40 unrecognised villages in the Negev are threatened with demolition, which is another chapter of Al-Nakba (the 1948 Catastrophe) in the Negev. ‏

Watad indicated that the Palestinian presence worries the Jewishness of the Israeli state.