Palestinian students condemn Israel’s detention of colleagues

Middle East Monitor  /  August 30, 2023

Palestinian students at Birzeit University condemned yesterday the detention of their colleagues by the Israeli occupation authorities, Felesteen has reported.

“Occupation terrorism will not terrorize our students or undermine our service for our colleagues,” insisted the head of the Student Union, Abdul-Majid Hassan.

“Such strikes increase our power and persistence.” He added that the detention of the Secretary of the union, Abdul-Ghani Fares, will not stop his work. “We are doing our best to let his committee’s services flow smoothly without any problem.”

The union leader said that the organization will continue serving students regardless of any of the obstacles lying ahead of its members. “We are on the frontline of defence for Palestine, our sanctities and our prisoners. We are not intimidated by the detention, threats or prosecution. The path we have chosen to serve our colleagues and work for them will not be deterred by detentions or threats posed by anyone.”

Hassan counted a number of members of the Student Union and active university students amount those who were detained by the Israeli occupation forces at dawn on Tuesday.