Palestinian Journalists Syndicate calls for boycotting Israel media

A Palestinian journalist seen after Israeli forces fired tear gas at Palestinian protestors (Dawoud Abo Alkas - APA Images)

Middle East Monitor  /  December 5, 2020

Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) called for Palestinian journalists to boycott Israeli mass media following “distorted” reports about Palestinians broadcast by Israeli Channel 13.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the PJS called for Palestinians to take their role in preventing “such dangerous distortions”.

The PJS said that it had repeatedly called for boycotting Israeli media and Israeli reporters, who enter the Palestinian territories as “occupiers” and “under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces”.

According to the PJS statement: “Any treatment or meeting with the Israeli media, or offering logistic assistance for them during their entry to the Palestinian territories are considered a normalisation crime which is nationally and popularly rejected.”

Referring to the “distorted” report, which ignored the misery of Palestinian life caused by the Israeli occupation, the PJS indicated that the owners of Palestinian restaurants, coffees shops and hotels appeared in the report as “inferior”.

The PJS reiterated that the Israeli reporters: “Reinforced the narrative of the Israeli occupation which does not reflect the reality on the ground and cut the shows which reflect the consequences of the Israeli crimes and the occupation’s restrictions on the Palestinian economy.”

Concluding the statement, the PJS expressed: “Palestinian journalists and mass media are subjected to Israeli suppression, sometimes in front of Israeli journalists or with their support. The PJS considers any assistance to Israeli media and journalists as an encouragement of these Israeli crimes.”

The PJS stressed that it: “Will not forgive or show mercy to the Palestinians who deal with the Israeli media.”