Palestinian escapees fled 2 detention attempts before he was recaptured in Jenin

Middle East Monitor  /  September 20, 2021

Palestinian prisoner escapees Iham Kahamji and Munadil Nafayat fled from two detention attempts before they were recaptured in the Palestinian city of Jenin on Friday, their lawyer Munther Abu Ahmad said yesterday.

The lawyer met with Kahamji for one and a half hours who told him that the pair had been spotted by the Israeli occupation forces twice before arriving in Jenin.

He also said that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at them when they were seen for the first time in Afula, two days after they escaped from the prison. They disappeared into high grass and then fled the area.

The second time, the Israeli occupation forces also opened fire at them in the village of Salem near Nazareth, which is close to the occupied West Bank.

Kahamji said he had been hiding in the northern West Bank city of Jenin for 11 days and had moved to the house where he was captured only 15 minutes before being recaptured.

Israeli sources said someone persuaded Kahamji to move to the house where he was recaptured so that the operation to recapture them was easy for Israeli occupation forces.

The Palestinian detainee told his lawyer he had wished to visit his mother’s grave but was not able to do so.