Palestine refugees in Lebanon protest unaffordability of bread

Middle East Monitor  /  March 15, 2021

Palestine refugees in Lebanon’s Ein El-Hilweh refugee camp yesterday held protests outside UNRWA’s offices against the deterioration of their living conditions, Mujtama Magazine reported.

More protests are scheduled in the coming weeks if the situation on the ground does not improve, demonstrators said, adding that their situation had been made worse by the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

Yousef Abdul-Razeq, a Palestinian refugee from the camp, took to Facebook and accused officials, including UNRWA staff, of turning their backs on refugees and their suffering.

The activist said that many families in the camp do not even have bread to eat, stressing that meat has become something from the past.

“If you enter homes, you will not even find bread… Regarding meat and chicken, we have forgotten them,” he said.

He also pointed to the absence of the UNRWA’s role in light of the spread of coronavirus. “We want our rights and the rights of our sons,” the activist said. “They have been burying the Palestinian generations one after the other for 73 years,” he added.

UNRWA has said that poverty and unemployment among Palestine refugees in Lebanon has reached 80 per cent.