Palestine MPs file complaint against Israel at ICC

Middle East Monitor  /  June 27, 2023

Palestinian MPs from the besieged Gaza have filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the 17-year-long Israeli siege of the enclave, Quds Press reported yesterday.

First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament, Ahmad Bahar, said in a press conference that the complaints came in the framework of legal, diplomatic and parliamentary efforts being exerted against the Israeli occupation’s crimes.

Bahar said that the MPs commissioned French lawyer Gilles Devers to file the complaint to the ICC against the Israeli siege on Gaza and its consequences.

Meanwhile, head of One Justice Organization, lawyer Khaled al-Shouli, said: “The complaint filed to the ICC is related to two procedures: one against the Israeli siege and the other is an application for the ICC’s Trust Fund for Victims seeking assistance for the vulnerable victims related to the siege.”

Al-Shouli said that the ICC has jurisdiction over the Palestinian territories, including the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

“We know that the occupation authorities do not obey the decisions of the international tribunals, but such decisions prove the fairness of the Palestinian cause and justify the Palestinian right to resist the occupation,” Al-Shouli explained.

Rights groups in Gaza have repeatedly called on the ICC to stop its double standards in regard to the Palestinian case.