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Cinema Palestina
Jaffa: The Orange’s Clockwork

Eyal Sivan 2009 docu 86 min.
Jaffa: The Orange’s Clockwork is the new film by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Eyal Sivan (Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in PalestineIsrael (with Michel Khleifi), The Specialist, Izkor: Slaves of Memory). The film is a political essay excavating the entwined visual and political histories of that famous citrus fruit originating in Palestine and known worldwide as the “Jaffa Orange”. While this orange has been translated into a symbol of the Zionist enterprise and even the state of Israel, for Palestinians it remains a powerful symbol of the loss and destruction of their homeland. By exploring the visual history of this brand, the film reflects on western fantasies related to the ‘Orient’ and ‘Holy Land’. It asks after the brand’s attachment to the state of Israel and unveils an untold story of what was once a communal symbol and industry shared by Arabs and Jews in Palestine. Visually captivating and politically bold, Sivan’s latest weaves a tapestry of archival material and interviews, ultimately asking what the Jaffa Orange’s past might offer for the future in Palestine/Israel.

Jasmine Necklace

by Qamar Shbaroo – Nablus
The film tells about the tradition of Palestinian women in the Turkish bath and about a famous tradition of the monthly meetings of the Palestinian women in Nablus called “Saloon’s receptions”. that remained until the eighties.
Compilatie van shorts op youtube: Palestinian Women’s Oral History (2016 of 2017) V

Jawhar al Silwan
Najwa Najjar 2001 docu 45 min.
Najwa Najjar (Yasmine’s Song and Naim and Wadee’a ) structures this oral history investigation on Jerusalem around three turbulent periods in Palestinian history 1948, 1967 and 2001. Prompted by her curiosity about the boarded up and decaying remains of the city’s Al Hambra cinema, the director embarks on a journey into the city’s past using interviews and a fascinating collection of archival materials to bring the cinema back to life and, through it, a Jerusalem now inaccessible to most Palestinians. Once a city with a thriving middle class and host to the nation’s major cultural institutions, the Jerusalem the film brings to life seems at times as removed from today’s grim realities as the larger than life screen stars of eras go by which appear throughout the film.

I Say Dust

by Darine Hotait, documentary 15 min. USA 2016 Arabic/English with English subtitles.Two Arab American women in New York City fall in love, argue home and identity, engage in a chess battle, and express themselves through the power of the spoken word. Hal, an Arab American poet belonging to the Palestinian diaspora in New York City, meets Moun, a free-spirited chess sales girl. Their brief love affair challenges their understanding of what makes home.

The Judge
by Erika Cohn, documentary 81 min. USA, Palestine 2017. Arabic, Engl. Subtitles

There are many stories about what it is like to be a woman in Islamic society; but just one story about what it is like when a Palestinian woman becomes the first female sharia law judge.
Kholoud Al-Faqih has never hidden her ambitions. But when she became the first female sharia law judge in the Islamic world, her life took a new turn. No other woman has ever been able to make it so far in a highly patriarchal society. Her work opens a discussion in Palestinian society about equal access to education, gender-based violence and systemic discrimination. Kholoud is a relentless fighter not only for her own rights, but also for the rights of those whose voices are not heard. This film portrait offers a valuable insight into the world of traditional Islamic society and the changes it is currently undergoing.

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