PA security service releases Birzeit University student leader

Middle East Monitor  /  July 19, 2023

The Palestinian Authority’s security service has released the head of Birzeit University’s Student Council, Abdelmageed Hassan, and his colleague Yahya Farah after a month in detention.

Demonstrations broke out in various areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Monday in protest at arrests conducted by PA security agents. Social media users shared the hashtags #Stop_Political_Detentions and #Political_Detention_Is_a_Crime, and condemned the PA’s arrests of members of the resistance movement, university students and freed prisoners.

Lawyers for Justice, an independent human rights organisation, said that it has documented more than 300 cases of political detention, including nearly 80 cases since May.

According to the Committee of Families of Detainees in the West Bank, the PA security services committed 411 violations in the West Bank during the month of June.