PA calls on US to remove PLO from list of terrorist organizations

Middle East Monitor  /  May 25, 2022

The Palestinian Authority called on Tuesday for the Biden administration in Washington to remove the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) from its list of foreign terrorist organizations, Wafa has reported. The move was announced by Hussein al-Sheikh, member of the PLO Executive Committee.

“We expressed our astonishment and our absolute rejection of the persistence of this unjust classification of a people under occupation at a time when the Kach terrorist organization is removed from this list,” said Al-Sheikh.

At the same time as removing the far-right pro-Israel extremists from the list, the US Congress insisted on keeping the PLO, a liberation movement fighting to free its people and country from the Israeli occupation, designated as a “terrorist” organization. This prompted the PA to describe the move as a “double standard” which “undermines justice”.