Official data: Ukraine war doubled Jewish migration to Israel

Middle East Monitor  /  December 2, 2022

An official Israeli report has revealed that the number of Jewish immigrants to Israel has doubled over 2022 following the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The number of immigrants to Israel in 2022 has reached some 70,000, which is double the number of immigrants the country hosted last year,” the report read, according to Safa.

The study pointed out that the “majority of the Jewish immigrants were fleeing the escalating war in Ukraine,” adding that the immigrants were also “exploiting the Israeli government’s efforts to bring home all Jews in warring countries.”

“Fifty-four per cent of the immigrants this year arrived from Russia, 21 per cent arrived from Ukraine, five per cent from the United States, and four others from France,” the report read.

It pointed out that 22,000 of the Jewish immigrants were “recruited by the Israeli army over the last decade, 15,000 of whom had no families.”

Over the last decade, the Israeli army received a total of 6,440 doctors and 22,400 engineers, most of whom came from the former Soviet Union, according to official data.