Morocco anti-normalization body calls for annulling ties with Israel

Middle East Monitor  /  April 29, 2022

The General Arab Conference “United Against Normalization” of Morocco yesterday called to end normalization deals with Israel.

The conference stressed, in a statement on International Quds Day, that “resisting normalization and boycotting the [Israeli] enemy is the task of the honourable people of the nation and the free people of the world.”

In 2020, the UAEBahrainSudan and Morocco normalized ties with the occupation state of Israel.

In its statement, the body said: “The Palestinian people unity on the ground confirmed that resistance is the most effective way to defeat the occupier,” stressing that “the Palestinian Arab people are continuing their resistance and struggle which appeared during the popular uprising taking place in the occupied territories” in Ramadan.

“The success of this popular uprising in the face of the Israeli aggression also confirms that the armed resistance deters the enemy and protects the people who are revolting,” the statement added.

During the first weeks of Ramadan, Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque causing dozens of injuries and arresting hundreds.