Jordan: King warns of excluding Palestine in any regional peace deal

Middle East Monitor  /  September 23, 2023

King Abdullah II has warned of excluding Palestinians in any possible peace deals in the region, Jordanian TV channel Al-Mamlaka reported on Friday.

According to the Jordanian TV channel, this came during The Middle East Global Summit in New York on Wednesday.

Effort is being exerted by the US to reach a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel that: “Might lead to a new horizon in the region, but the Palestinians must not be ignored in any peace deal.”

The King said there are demands for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US: “But the benefits for the Palestinians and the region also must not be ignored – everyone is interested in this issue.”

King Abdullah said the Israeli government believes it can exclude the Palestinians and Arabs, stressing: “This could not happen and will not lead to a real peace.”

The King suggested that a new generation of Palestinians should lead the Palestinian people and their cause: “This is one of the issues that we must understand – where are the Palestinians heading?”