Jordan issues 72,000 passports to Jerusalemites

Middle East Monitor  /  September 12, 2023

Jordan has issued 72,000 passports to Jerusalemites since 2019, the Acting Director General of the Jordanian Civil Status and Passports Department, Talal al-Fayez, said.

“The Civil Status and Passports Department has issued about 72,000 passports to Jerusalemites through the Sharia Court in Al-Quds al-Sharif since the launch of the service in 2019,” Al-Fayez explained yesterday. “The Sharia Court in Jerusalem receives applications for passports for Jerusalemites, with all required identification papers attached, in accordance with the legal procedures followed in the Civil Status and Passports Department.”

He pointed out that “the authorization of the Sharia Court in Jerusalem to accept passport renewal applications for Jerusalemites came to enable Jerusalemites to renew their passports with ease, enhance their steadfastness and stability on their land, and to protect the Arab identity of the city.”

In mid-July, the Jordanian Ministry of the Interior announced that it was now “accepting requests to issue passports to Jerusalemites for the first time without specifying a specific age, and allowing a Jordanian citizen who holds a national identity number and is married to a Jerusalemite citizen who holds a Jerusalemite identity to apply.”