Jewish settlers in occupied West Bank rush to buy weapons

Middle East Monitor  /   March 29, 2023

The demand for arms has continued to increase among illegal Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank since the formation of the extreme far-right government led by Benjamin Netanyahu. They claim to be worried about rising levels of violence, even though much of the violence emanates from the settler communities living on stolen Palestinian land.

Many settlers have rushed to carry weapons and be trained to use them. This has been encouraged by far-right Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir, who has called for the process of applying for licences and obtaining arms to be made easier for Jewish Israeli citizens.

“It’s for my security, and also for my household,” Gal, 35, told AFP after firing several bullets from his 9mm pistol. He works on construction sites in Israel which he considers to be “not the safest places”, because Palestinians also work on the sites.