Jewish settlers escape high prices by shopping in West Bank

Middle East Monitor  /  June 25, 2022

Jewish settlers have been escaping high prices in Israel by shopping in the Palestinian cities of the occupied West Bank, Israel Hayom revealed earlier this week.

According to the Israeli daily, there is an increasing trend as more Israelis buy fuel and go shopping in Palestinian cities and villages despite “massive danger”.

According to the newspaper, the reason is the high living standards and prices in Israel compared to the comparatively low prices in Palestinian shops.

Israel Hayom noted that Israelis save thousands of shekels annually just from the price differences in petrol and diesel. Petrol is one shekel lower from Palestinian petrol stations, and diesel is half the cost.

Meanwhile, there are significant differences in the prices of other basic goods, including food.

An Jewish settler from Jerusalem said he used to go shopping in the Palestinian villages because he could save thousands of shekels annually just in fuel alone.

“The prices are low in the Palestinian Authority areas,” the Israeli newspaper revealed. “This is not only related to fuel, but many commodities.” The newspaper mentioned car repair as an example.

Shlomo Vaknin,  security officer of the settlement council in the occupied West Bank, pointed out that the settlers do not pay attention to the “danger” on their lives, “but they look only at the bottom line – low prices.”

Israel Hayom reported that Israelis who go shopping in the occupied West Bank are at risk of attacks by Palestinians, noting that the Israeli army stresses: “There is a permanent danger on the lives of those who enter the Palestinian villages.”

The newspaper added: “Many of the Israelis who enter the PA area, mainly Area A and Area B, are being attacked and saved by the Israeli army.”