Jewish settlers block roads in occupied West Bank

Middle East Monitor  /  November 23, 2022

Jewish settlers blocked roads to Palestinian vehicles in the northern occupied West Bank today, Anadolu has reported. Eyewitnesses said that settlers also threw stones at vehicles in the wake of two explosions in West Jerusalem, in which one Israeli was killed and 14 others were wounded.

Roads were blocked in Hawara and Yitzhar, south of Nablus, and Deir Sharaf, west of the city. Tyres were set on fire.

“Following the explosion that occurred near a junction at the entrance to Jerusalem near the bus station this morning, another explosion occurred near the bus station at the Ramot junction in Jerusalem,” said Israeli police in an official statement. Eleven of those injured were caught up in the first explosion, while three others received “minor” injuries in the second.

According to Israel’s Army Radio, the police “decided to raise their alert level in Jerusalem, with the possibility of raising the alert level in all of Israel being discussed later.” It also noted that Defence Minister Benny Gantz held a security assessment session with the participation of senior officials from the army, police and the Israeli public security service.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid will hold a security assessment session later today.