Jewish settlers attack mosque in Hebron/Al-Khalil

Middle East Monitor  /  February 20, 2023

A group of Jewish settlers yesterday threw stones at a mosque in the Old City of Hebron/Al-Khalil, smashing its windows and damaging its yard, local sources said.

Sunia Mosque, located in the Al-Sahla area close to the vegetable market, was targeted as part of settler “attempt to intimidate the worshippers and spread an atmosphere of fear and terror among them,” Director General of the Hebron Endowment, Nidal al-Jabari, said.

He called for intensifying the Palestinian presence in the region, and for the Palestinian Ministry of Endowments to appoint guards in mosques close to the areas of friction despite the danger of being attacked by illegal Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Yesterday morning, settlers also surrounded two shepherds while they were grazing their sheep in the Al-Maarajat area, west of Jericho, and threatened them with weapons.

Hassan Malihat, the general supervisor of Al-Baydar Organization for the Defence of Bedouin Rights, said that around 20 settlers surrounded the two shepherds, Ismat Atta Ka’abneh and Muhammad Suleiman Ka’abneh, while they were grazing their sheep on pastoral lands in Arab al-Mleihat area on Al-Maarajat road, and forced them to leave the area.