Israeli police chief urges Israelis who hold firearms licenses to carry guns

Middle East Monitor  /  April 7, 2023

Israel’s police commissioner on Friday called on Jewish settlers who have firearms licenses to carry their guns for now amid tension with Palestinians, reports Anadolu Agency.

Kobi Shabtai made the remarks following an attack near the Hamra settlement in the northern West Bank which left two Jewish settlers dead and a third critically injured.

“This is a murderous attack that reminds us how serious the threat of hostile activity is,” the police chief said, according to the Jerusalem Post daily.

“I call on every citizen who has a licensed firearm, and is skilled in operating it legally, to carry it these days,” Shabtai added.

Israeli army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi on Friday also ordered the call up of some reserves, with an emphasis on air defense and offensive formations in the Air Force, in light of developments with the Palestinians.

Early on Friday, the Israeli army launched a series of airstrikes on targets in Gaza and Lebanon, saying they were targets of the Hamas group.

Palestinian groups in Gaza also fired a barrage of rockets on Israeli settlements near the Gaza Strip.

Tension has been running high over the past few days following Israel assaults on worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.