Israeli-Palestinian MKs urge organized West Bank action against occupation

Israeli Palestinian Knesset members Ahmad Tibi and Oussama al-Saadi (Ahmad Gharabli - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  January 3, 2022

During a visit to the occupied West Bank on Sunday, Palestinian MKs from the Joint List urged Palestinians there to organize their response to Israeli aggression, Al Quds al-Arabi reported.

The Arab MKs visited the occupied West Bank in the wake of rising settler attacks on the villages of Burqa and Beita. They praised the villagers who stand firm against the settler attempts to steal Palestinian lands.

The members of the Joint List who took part in the visit were, Aida Touma-Suleiman, Ayman Oudeh, Ahmad Tibi and Sami Abu Shehadeh. Local officials, including the mayors of Burqa and Beita received the delegation.

According to a statement, the MKs condemned the “unprecedented” wave of Israeli army and settler attacks and aggression on the Palestinians.

The MKs stressed that their visit to the West Bank was not part of solidarity action with the Palestinians, “but a component of the Palestinian resistance against the settlement, which is a violation of international law and conventions.”

In the statement, the MKs reiterated that they would continue working at all local and international platforms “to stop the terrorist practices of the settlers and prevent more contracts for settlements which hinder the [so-called] peace process.”

“We regret that the Arab United List [known as Ra’am] and the Leftists Meretz and Labour parties are partners with [Israeli Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett and [Aylete] Shaked in this government,” the statement added.

The Joint List concluded its statement stressing: “We will continue fighting beside our relatives against these policies and stand beside the Palestinians against the occupation, Judaization, deportation, and settlement.”